Am I the only person that thinks about driving on these ramps when I see them driving along on the highway? Ok, maybe it’s just me – but the reason I get that feeling is because I’ve been playing too much Burnout Paradise.

Burnout Paradise has billboards, fences and super jumps scattered around the city as an incentive for the completionist. When I started playing Burnout, I thought that I wouldn’t try to smash all the billboard and fences, and jump all the super jumps; but I got up to 380/400 fence smashes simply by playing, and well, I was so close I decided to finish it off.

I’m almost there, I have 120/120 billboards, 50/50 super jumps, and 399/400 fences. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that tedious. I only had to look up 3 super jumps (and well I don’t know where this last fence is). But I’ve ended up playing this game for a long time. I’m approaching 50 hours, and I’m haven’t completed the one player game yet. It’s reasonably fun to just play online with random people, and crash cars or do cooperative challenges. So if you don’t have Burnout Paradise, you should buy it!