The NXE (New Xbox Experience) dropped last week after a lot of hype since being announced in the summer. I was quite looking forward to it too because frankly the blade interface sucks. The change was like moving from Win95 to Mac OS X.

The most talked about feature, as long as you weren’t a hard core gamer, was the addition of avatars. Now you too can have a Microsoft Mii-clone. The avatar system on Xbox is definitely a generation ahead of the Nintendo Miis, where the Miis are cartoony, the avatars look somewhat life like. This was my Mii

Which as you can tell is not the best representation of yours truly.

My Xbox avatars look a bit better, although I still can’t create an accurate representation of me. There are a ton of customization options for your avatar (as long as you don’t want to pick clothes), but still the granularity of the choices are not fine enough. I particularly have a problem with the nose choices.