McDonalds is my bread and butter when travelling. It’s fast, convenient, predictable and cheap. Heck, those are the reasons why I eat it normally! It was thus surprising that I only had McDs 4 times during the 2+ weeks that we were in Japan! Although, a lot of McDonald opportunities were taken up by trying the other “American” fast food places in Japan, like MOS Burger and First Kitchen.

The purpose of two of those visits were to try out the Japanese specialty burgers, the Teriyaki McBurger and the Ebi burger. The teriyaki burger is as you would expect, with teriyaki flavoured meat (I forgot what meat it is now…).

The Ebi burger is like a fillet-o-fish, except the inside isn’t fish but actually shrimp.

There were also other variant things at McDonalds, there’s a McBakery that sold what looked like a Chinese pineapple bun (it wasn’t). And had a dollar menu that included items which you had to cook/assemble yourself (Shaka shaka chicken).

As for why I went there 4 instead of only 2 times? Well one time I went and they only had the breakfast menu, and the other time we couldn’t find food (because we were in Omotesando and in the late afternoon)!