I backup my NDS saves every once in awhile so I don’t lose all my progress if my saves get corrupted or something worse happens. In the case of my (ninten)dogs, the added benefit is if they get hit by a truck for example, I can restore the backup and they can run around happily again.

I went to back things up early this week, but for some reason my card was unreadable. When I attached it to my desktop or laptop, it said it had to be formatted. But the weird thing was, when I put my card into my cameras, I was able to take and store pictures; and when I attached my camera to my desktop through a USB cable, I was able to copy the pictures off without problem. I figured that there might have been a corrupt entry on the FAT which prevented my computers from seeing earlier files, but I ran a variety of disk repair tools and it didn’t find any problem. Weird!

So I slept on it, and figured out another strategy. I would load a homebrew which would let me FTP the files over wifi. But in order to get this done, I would need a second card to verify that I copied everything off successfully, o I picked up a 2GB one on my way home from work (and it was only $12.99! These things are cheap now). Interestingly, when I used the new micro->normal adapter, my computer was able to read the card successfully! For some reason, my old Kingston Japanese-made adapter broke and was only able to read part of my card. I guess I’ll have to mail-order a USB adapter specifically for my card in order to prevent this hilarity from happening in the future.