In a quest for transparency, I figured I would post up some things I want to change for 2008:

1. Post up New Year Resolutions promptly
Oops, failed.

2. Make attainable resolutions
Always a goal, but see previous #.

3. More picture headlines
I would like to put more images into my blog posts. Not necessarily photos floating to the side of blogs about events, but actual image headlines (such as my previous post on music depression). This is something I think about doing all the time, but in the end it usually takes too much effort.

4. Keep track of key events

I need to keep track of important things as they happen, both in my personal life and worldwide. This is to help me write my year-end blog roundups, but also to maintain a better diary-like blog. An idea I’m thinking about is to have a monthly roundup diary post, although I expect my life is too boring to make it worthwhile.

5. Stop accumulating stuff
This has been bothering me for awhile, and really pisses me off about Christmas. Our culture is centered around possessions and materialism, but I’m at a point where I just have Too Much Stuff. I’m not against consumerism but I personally want to minimize my frivolous possessions. I’ve already started doing this, as I threw away half my closet over the holidays and will continue to throw away stuff.

6. Blog concisely
I can go on-and-on about various things until my fingers get tired. But you would just stop reading. So I’ll try and write more concise blogs, which means that I should conveniently end my list of resolutions here.