I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: Wild World. At first I thought it was really boring because I had previously played Animal Crossing on GameCube, but eventually it grew on me as I got into a schedule. Instead of playing for long periods, I ended up playing ~10 minutes a day, enough time to collect some shells, and find the money rock. To tell you the truth, with that explanation I can’t explain why I play it!

It’s marketed as a communication game, but I don’t really feel like writing letters to the other NPCs. Instead, I’m building up my virtual bell account. Selling shells and getting 8,500 bells a day from the money rock are baby steps to my end goal of building a large enough capital to play the Stalk Market effectively. The past week, I invested my first batch and bought ~1500 turnips at 100 apiece, and turned around to sell them for 230 apiece. This brought my wealth up to over 400,000 bells. I intend to invest it all again, but then I realized that I had a problem; I didn’t have enough room in my house to store all my turnips! So I took a short term hit of 120,000 bells to pay off my mortgage and expand my house. Now I have more room on my floor to dump turnips in my goal to be come my town’s first Bellionaire!