There are so many of us that play Warcraft, that we have enough people to create a Warcraft clan from just people that we’ve actually, physically met in R.L. (i.e., Real Life).

Amazing I know, so it is with no surprise that we would all gather together on a Friday night (although it was more like a Saturday thanks to the long weekend) to have a Warcraft party, graciously hosted at Ben’s pad. We ended up with 10 computers with half of them being laptops, although between the 2 Victors they brought like 5 computers! Good thing for the LCD revolution.

Nelson also brought along his Wii so that all the non-nerds at this nerd party would have something to do. We spent a lot of time shaving sheep, milking cows, and other tiring hilarity. This story is useless without videos, but I have the next best thing: BOOP party pictures on Facebook.