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After almost exactly five years as a full-time employee at IBM, I quit my job this week! I started in the first week of January 2007, and stopped working on the last week of December 2011, so it’s very close. There is a funny retention statistic in IBM that < 50% of employees have been there more than five years, I guess I didn't want to be part of the sub-50% group! I'm moving on to another company working on other things, maybe I will blog more about it later. The whole process seemed like it happened fast, but also seemed to happen slow. I found out about the new opportunity in the beginning of December and did whirlwind research, application, interview and received an offer. Then I was in a bit of a lull for a week, while waiting for offers/counteroffers/paperwork; but once everything worked out I gave my notice and today was my last day! IBM has been a good experience for me, but it's time to try something new and hopefully it will work out even better.