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A bit ago, I read about a neat study where lilacs were planted since 1965, and it was found that they’ve been blooming up to two weeks earlier now. The conclusion they drew from this is that climate change has been causing this change.

Well one example, or correlation isn’t really evidence; because this weekend, we went to High Park to see the cherry blossoms; on the exact same weekend that we went last year (they are only in bloom for about a week).

We had driven past High Park the week before (and the one before that), but trees weren’t even budding yet! We actually drove through High Park to make sure, and it was really busy! Every time I’ve been there recently, it’s always been busy (i.e. no parking spots), so this weekend, we decided to go early (relatively). We arrived at 11 and the parking lot was already full!

It was still a good idea to come early though, because the forecast called for rain in the afternoon. With the sun, there was nice contrast between the green grass and blue sky, but really, the cherry blossoms aren’t as pretty as magnolia blossoms!

This weekend there was a TTC strike! It happened suddenly on Friday night, with no media build-up; so when I was out and about early-ish Saturday morning, I was on the lookout for any uninformed people waiting for the bus. I did see a couple of people sitting at bus stops, but for the most part the only effect were many more taxis around my ‘hood.

I did my taxes on Saturday. They had been “done” for awhile as I had been entering in the numbers as I received my T-slips, but I had to check things over and enter the DQ info. But then, I also did Pauline’s, her sister’s, and my mom’s taxes as well. Saturday evening I met up with a bunch of people to celebrate Charlie’s birthday. Afterwards we headed over to his place to watch Full Metal Jacket.

On Sunday, I went over to Nelson’s house to try out Mario Kart Wii and to play some Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The Wii version Mario Kart packages a wheel accessory with the game which you slip the Wiimote into. It’s gimmicky and hard to control though. They also added bikes which doesn’t seem right since it’s called Mario KART.

I got home at about the right time (although maybe 20 minutes later for the light) and went out to take some pictures of the cherry blossoms that were blooming in front of my building. Fortunately for me there are no not many tall buildings blocking the view to the west so I was trying to get the last glimmers of sun. Didn’t work out so well, but still pretty.