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It’s been many years since I watched The Incredibles, and I hardly remember the story. However the characters are relevant because of the marketing campaign for The Incredibles II (plus I was at Disney) as well as the fact that I have been playing a Disney game that includes the heroes.

That’s probably why I was surprised when Elastigirl had a Southern drawl to her character – I didn’t remember that at all! Violet also looked a lot droopier than I expected. I guess her cartoon in the game was photoshopped. Aside from that, I’m not too sure what to think of the movie. It didn’t feel like a kid film (except that no one died) and they certainly dealt with a lot of adult themes. I guess I can relate to the daddy daycare, but that just felt like comedic relief and killing time (it was great that Jack Jack had a variety of cool superpowers, but he didn’t do anything with it!)

I did like the retro, silver-age theme (although I don’t remember if the first was set in that time frame too). Overall, this just felt like a normal superhero movie wrapped in a Pixar skin. It didn’t feel special but I suppose it wasn’t bad. 3 out of 5 stars.

It took me a long, long time to watch this movie. I forget why I originally picked it, but I think it was on a flight from New York. The movie is 97 mins long so I only saw 2/3rd of it, but the next flight I took (I think it was in the same month) didn’t have it playing anymore! So I haven’t been able to finish watching it until this month. Fortunately, I had to ffwd to the spot were I stopped, and was able to get a refresher.

Whenever I watch cartoons now, I evaluate whether my kids can watch the movie. Finding Dory is definitely too scary for my young boys – Dory and baby Dory are put into too many situations which would be frightening. However, if you were young and watched Finding Nemo when it came out, I think you’d be the right age for this movie now (if not too old)! Otherwise I think you need to be over 7 to really watch it.

The story deals with Dory’s issue…namely her lack of short term memory. She goes on a mission to find her parents and discover her childhood. Along the way, she encounters a bunch of other marine animals who each have sort of significant mental or physical problem. Working together, the group overcomes their individual challenges and are stronger as a whole. That’s a decent moral message.

The other moral message in this movie seems to be to “take risks!”, even against the behest of your parents. I’m not sure this should be a blanket moral message though, and I thought Finding Nemo taught it better (sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone).

I felt Finding Nemo was more enjoyable and fun, and Finding Dory had a lot more scary or challenging situations. That might leave your child in a unhappy state. But it’s no problem for an adult – this is a 3 out of 5 star movie.


We met up with Nelson, Kitty and Richard for dinner on Friday evening, and after dinner we went to watch a movie. Pauline, Kitty and I still had not watched Star Trek (I’m not a geek anymore), but Richard and Nelson had already seen it; so we settled on Up in 3D.

I’m a bit oblivious to movies that nowadays, aside from the obvious ones (hi Star Trek!), and so had never heard of Up except for reading somewhere online that it was good. I didn’t even know it was a Pixar film until the opening short! Up is about a man who had a life long dream to settle in Paradise Falls with his wife, but time caught up to him and his wife died. Given the option of moving to a old-age home, he decides to go on a (last) adventure to Paradise Falls with his neighborhood boy scout Wilderness Explorer.

Like other Pixar (and Disney) movies, the story was very well written, with timely and touching music. It is (like always) a kids movie so there are scenes that not grounded firmly in real life, even though the beginning started with a serious, adult tone. Surprisingly, there were several “adult” issues that kids would be exposed to when watching this movie, such as death, single parents, and asian rolemodels.

We watched it in 3D which meant we were out $14.50 for a ticket. It wasn’t IMAX 3D, and although the movie was animated, only certain scenes in the movie were in 3D (but all the trailers were!). I don’t think the effect was worth the extra few bucks.

Overall I give Up 3.5 stars out of 5. I don’t think it was a great movie (i.e., 4 stars) because it’s kid-movie super nature forces it to jump through well-used hoops. But it’s better than your average movie because it has the Pixar polish.