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Last week at work, I got a piece of mail. Getting mail at work is always good, the last time I got this guy. This time was not as great, but I got this:

In the summer, I participated in an ongoing extra-curricular activity at work called So You Think You Can Innovate? where teams of people around the world tried to come up with interesting ideas. We didn’t end up winning, which explains this “certificate of participation”.

What I find funny about the whole thing is that this is a quite glorified certificate. Usually they just send you a PDF which you can print out. For this event, they sent an “award” plaque that I can hang on my cubicle wall. Maybe I’ll save my wall space for better things.

I saw some links for Microsoft Songsmith a few weeks ago, but kind of glossed over them since I wasn’t at a good time to follow them. I finally caught up and boy they are pretty funny. Songsmith is a Microsoft Research project which listens to your singing and adds some fitting music. It’s like having a garage band on your laptop! If you don’t get it, watch this catchy commercial about Songsmith.

People have played around with Songsmith by taking the vocal tracks from various well known songs and running it through Songsmith. The results range from … awkward … to wildly hilarious. Here’s Billy Idol’s White Wedding:

I don’t know why there are so many songs from Rock Band, it’s either that Rock Band picked the classics, or they picked Rock Band songs since so many people know them now. Here’s Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger:

Since I can’t invite all of you to my house and bore you with the 21st century’s version of slideshows, I figure I would post some vacation photos up onto my blog. I know you are all curious to see what sort of interesting things we encountered in Calgary.

First, we have this amazing wall of soup dispensers that we found in the supermarket. This was a huge wall and it only sold one thing: soup! Amazing. As you can see, Pauline is just as amazed at this world wonder.

Next, Pauline unearthed this unique dish from underneath a pile of after-Christmas blowouts. We postulated that it was used for serving a variety of candy, which we thought was more likely than our original theory of a subtle invasion into the world of kitchenware by venn-diagram sympathizers. Although it was hard to pass up, we saved like $2 by not purchasing this find.

Finally, we have here a wall of cream. I have never, ever seen a cream display in this quantity although I can’t be too sure. During my time in the states, I may or may not have came across this, but of course if I did it would have been sold and ingested by obese people already. Notice that Canada has its share of obese people as seen by the empty sections within the display.

Also, Pauline is being a sad panda because I made her stand in front of interesting things at the same supermarket too often, with the threat that I would post the pictures on the entire internet to see. This is honesty and trustworthiness in action!

One of my advisor’s comment on a draft of my thesis: “flirt” is not a technical term; “investigated”, maybe.

I’m sure you are wondering what circumstances could have brought about this interesting comment from the boring engineering field that I am in. This would be more suited for economics a la John Nash. Actually, if you’ve met my advisor, you could probably imagine him using something like this in his own writing or hearing him laugh about it from across the building. Sadly, my writing is not as racy. Here’s what I originally wrote:

Research search engines, such as Referral Web, have flirted investigated the idea of incorporating social elements in order to search for people who possess knowledge.

So yes, I am slowly working on my thesis. Unfortunately, I only meet up with him once a week, and I can’t email drafts to him unless he is at IBM due to IP issues. This means that every week, I give him a new copy with edits, fixes, and new material; and he gives me his comments on the first 5 pages or so. The first 5 pages of my thesis will be REALLY polished.

Recently, I got a hair cut for $6 in Scarobourgh, and looking back, it’s incredibly cheap. Sure, my normal gosu barber is pretty amazing, but him and his hair cutting neighbours have raised their coiffure cartel prices by 50% to $15! That’s nearing the SuperCuts range. So a cut for $6 is a great deal.

I’ve been getting $7 cuts since I lived in Scartown. I blogged about it 4 years ago, and started going there probably in high school. So I would say 8-10 years ago. It’s pretty amazing that, with the increase in inflation, the price of cuts haven’t gone up! In fact this place I went to is cheaper than before!

(Which is technically not true, you can get cheap cuts if you buy a set of coupons which brought the price of a hair cut to $5 or $6 — too long ago, can’t remember).

I found today’s Real Life webcomic hilarious because I had the same problem when I was driving around San Francisco.

i had lunch today with my dad (at a chinese place obviously) and afterwards my dad wanted to check out this chinese bookstore nearby. as chance would have it, this place was also selling cds; so knowing me, i had to take a look.

to my surprise, they weren’t just selling chinese artists there were also a lot of english cds! it looked like someone was attempting to get rid of their 80s collection; there was taylor dayne, debbie “i’m in playboy this month” gibson, tiffany aka “i made it to playboy first”, belinda carlisle and others.

well it didn’t seem all too interesting until i happened onto new kids on the block’s step by step. such a classic. i was very, very tempted to pick it up for the measly $5 asking price. it didn’t feel right however to pay the full price, and i didn’t have enough confidence to haggle it down to a couple of bucks (where’s my mom when you need her to buy a nkotb cd for you??). anyways i just wanted you to know that i’m now regretting not being able to listen to the people who influenced the backstreet boys, nsync, 5ive and blink 182!

spider-man 2 was pretty good, with enough marvel universe mentions to keep us rabid comic fans happy. there’s one thing i have issues with from the movie though. in the beginning they said that doc ock’s arms were not affected by magnetism, but at the end he gets electrocuted. now all good engineers know that the electric fields and magnectic fields are inter-related thru maxwell’s equations, so if his arms were resistant to magnetics, than he couldn’t be electrocuted either! who wants to hire me as their suspension of disbelief consultant?

i had a revelation at musicworld which i forgot about until today. clay aiken is actually rod stewart’s secret clone baby! don’t believe me? i did some research so take a look at the evidence i dug up:
“clay “rod
they have the same bone structure, pointy nose, hairstyle, eyebrows, chin, etc. they even sing the same old corny adult contemprary songs. ahh. it’s bad enough that the music industry is rehashing old songs and releasing them as new tracks, now they’re taking old artists and marketing them again to the younger generations. think of the children!

check this out it’s funny…but true!

heard from the radio…this girl sent out a song to her former guy…i’ll make love to you by boyz ii men…hoping that they’d still be friends and stuff…i don’t think the song fits… but newayz at the end it turns that they girl dumped him for his brother !! we were all like !!…newayz tetris sucks…i got everything done i think except freaking rotating the piece…man i’m like using rotation matrices and it’s still not working right arghs…ok time to quit soon haha

haha i saw some guy getting a ticket from a police officer, but while the officer was writing the ticket, the guy was trying to pull out of the parking lane and jet…except there was too much traffic haha!!