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After a long hiatus (more than a year!), I started working on my Monopoly Deal clone again. Lately, I have been building a couple of small apps for fun, but the scope is generally small. Plus, I don’t put any effort in promoting them so they don’t get any traction considering there are so many apps in Google Play now. I actually ended up unpublishing most of my apps from Google Play because I no longer want to work or maintain them.

The problem with most of my apps is that they are dependent on an external data source. I either have to cache/process the data on my server or I have to screen scrape directly from the source. With both of these methods, if the source data changes slightly, I’ll have to update my code again otherwise the app no longer works. I’m too lazy and usually don’t care enough after “completing” the app. Some apps are better and use a public API, but even those get deprecated after awhile.

So to prevent the upkeep required and to prevent random one-star reviews, I just unpublished a bunch of my apps. Quality over quantity right?

Also because of this, I’m more interested in working on a deep, complex app that doesn’t have data dependency. My Monopoly Deal clone fits this void as it works offline (no network requirement), and I know there is an audience who will want to try it out (based on what I did with Condado).

To celebrate the rebrandng of the Android Market as Google Play, Google held a sale on some popular games, apps, and media recently. Many of them were repeats of the previous sale, but here are some new things that I bought:

  • Pocket League Story
    This is a game in almost the same format as Game Dev Story or Hot Springs Story except the specifics have changed and now you’re a manger of a football (soccer) team. Not much to say here aside from that it is a time sink for about 2 weeks until you clear the game.
  • Osmos HD
    I bought this game on a whim because it looks semi interesting, and I am excited that it is supposed to have a good soundtrack.
  • ZOOKEEPER DX Touch Edition
    This looks like a very generic match-three-of-the-same-thing puzzler, but I took a chance on it because it is supposed to be a polished game. Plus it is by a Japanese company, so the fact that it is being promoted must mean its good? Well I haven’t played enough to say that it is much different than the puzzler I thought it would be. There is some hilarious engrish in the game though.
  • Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals
    This one I bought for Pauline, so no comment here.

I think these apps sales are kind of a scam. A lot of paid apps are 99¢ so selling them for 49¢ is still half the price. When the market of games is either $1 or free, 50% off is not close enough to free (whereas I think 10¢ is). What’s next, a 75¢ sale?

They also had movies and books on sale. I didn’t want to rent movies and I wasn’t sure about the books – I’m invested in the Kindle platform and not Google Books. But 25¢ is pretty cheap so I bought some anyways:

I installed the Amazon Appstore on my Android. Even though I don’t live in the US, I can get around that by having a US credit card on my account. The reason for installing the Amazon Appstore is because Plants vs Zombies is being released on Android in June, and Amazon is supposed to be giving it out for free (and they have a 2 week exclusivity agreement).

With the Amazon Appstore, that makes 3 different “android markets” on my phone. The official one, the Amazon one, and I have an AndroidPit account because I wanted to download a LCD density changer for my tablet, and for whatever reason that was the only place that had it available (or maybe my tablet filtered it from the Android Market). Even though the app was only $1, I had to put $5 on my account, so now there is about $4 sitting in that app store…

I’m hesitant to buy anything from a non-official app store. First, that means I have to check different places for updates to my apps. Plus, apps are not often updated as quickly on some of the stores (as a publisher, I would be annoyed to have to upload my app to 5 different app stores). I don’t think multiple app stores are beneficial to me as a customer (I only got Amazon’s Appstore for their freebies, I don’t intend to really use it).

I also checked up on the Amazon Appstore publishing requirements, and you have to pay $75 per year (first year waived). I guess that means you need to be serious about generating income. The Android Market’s $25 for life fee is much more palatable.

I just published my first Android app onto the Android market! There is no web interface for the market (I know, how can this be when the XBOX Marketplace and iTunes both have web presences), but you can see it on third-party sites like Appbrain.

I’ve also made a webpage for VIVA Next Bus so you can see it in all its glory! Well currently, it’s a “beta” but once I thoroughly use it in real-life conditions and add some finishing touches to it, I release an upgrade. But it’s certainly usable and fully-functional as it is now.

I’m kind of bummed that I actually had to pay $25USD in order to create a publisher account (and thus publish my app). I’m already contributing my unpaid work to the greater ecosystem and they want me to pay for this privilege? Well in that case, I better create some more apps to make my $25 worthwhile!