We went to Wasabi on Hwy 7 for dinner last night, I’ve been disillusioned about buffet’s for awhile for two reasons: 1) While there is a ton of stuff to eat, there’s also a ton of stuff not to eat because you don’t get “value for money”; so I get tired of the stuff that I can eat and find that there’s nothing to eat at a buffet. 2) I don’t like the places (usually Japanese or hot pot) where you have to order from a menu and have them deliver the stuff. The delay in time between ordering and gratification makes it feel like a normal restaurant, but advertised as a buffet.

Wasabi suffers from both of those faults, but it is decently decorated so at least it didn’t look rundown or Chinese. Here’s a better review of Wasabi which Horace linked in the invite.

Afterwards, we decided to head over to Victor’s place to play some Wii since Nelson had brought it along. The reactions from the first timers were pretty favorable, I think I must be the only person in the world that thinks Wii is only averagely fun. I tried a few frames of Wii Bowling which I had not played before.

I took some videos on my phone though, here is Victor and Nelson boxing:

Nelson and Rishi playing baseball,

Nelson and Rishi playing baseball again