I was grepping on Flickr for some reasons as to why my portrait of Link was getting so many hits (comparative to my other uploads), and did a search for various Wii terms. I ended up finding some photos from other people who were at the Wii Public Preview including some that the paparazzi took of me!

The photo on the far right is of me just starting to play Wii Boxing, although you can’t really tell but trust me on it. I think actually I’m reading the instructions on how to play. There’s also a blurry picture with me boxing in the corner, but that’s not good enough for me to include here. In the left picture, I’m lining up on the bottom left waiting to try Wii Tennis. The same guy also got a picture of me waiting in line, which I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader to guess who I am.

Also, Nelson’s having a Wii party in case you haven’t heard, in which you have been living under a rock or in your room playing PS3 all the time.