I have a mental block preventing me from blogging (a blog, not links) more than once a day. The point of this is kind of like the photoblogging mentality; blog consistently and there won’t be long blocks of time where people visit your sites without any updates. So instead of blogging 5 times in 1 day, and then no more for the rest of the week, I just spread my posts over a week. Of course this point may be moot now that everyone uses RSS (you do use RSS right??).

I also have another mental block which prevents me from blogging multiple topics within one blog since it is an organizational nightmare when it comes to tagging. So, some days when I have a variety of marginal thoughts about various topics I don’t end up blogging anything. And I don’t blog them over several days because since by themselves the ideas aren’t substantial enough.

Also, I realized that I didn’t like blogging more than once a day because I wrote the code for the blog display in such a way that if I had multiple blogs per day, the date (i.e. day of the week) would appear multiple times. This doesn’t matter for the particular layout I have now, but it looked dumb previously. I seem to remember fixing this problem, but hey habits die hard.

So why don’t I blog more? I don’t know! I should. That will be my New Year’s Resolution for November.