X3 marked the first movie without Bryan Singer at the helm (he has moved on to Superman Returns). This was a major reason that I was disappointed in the movie. I had expected so much more.

X3 revolves around Jean Grey’s Phoenix storyline and a mutant cure developed by the father of Warren Worthington who is Angel in the X-Men. I found the Phoenix storyline to be rather boring until the final scene with Phoenix. The mutant cure storyline was more interesting however, and many reviews compared this to the current Gay issues.

The final battle serves to redeem the movie somewhat, and makes it interesting. There are some funny scenes and comic nerd shout outs (such as Beast’s Oh My Snakes & Garters). I am also glad to see that some characters have been eliminated and won’t be in future movies. I certainly hope that the next X-Men movie will not feature Magneto as the villain.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars, which is