Inside Man, directed by Spike Lee, is a movie about a detective who tries to solve a bank robbery/hostage situation. But there is more than meets the eye as supposedly there are a variety of motives at work. The commercials make it out as a thriller that keeps you guessing which side everyone is on. In reality, it is quite the opposite. The detective, played by Denzel Washington methodically attempts to get into the criminals’ heads and understand their thinking; while the criminals are focussed on carrying out their well-prepared plan.

The wrench thrown into this relationship is the character played by Jodie Foster. She is a hired gun, fix-it-all that can discretely handle sensitive matters for high profile clients. However, it seems that she is not used to dealing with people who are not in high society; and her tactics are put to the test.

I don’t think that this movie is as suspenseful as it was played out to be, but it does seem polished. I also have no idea where they got the name Inside Man. I can’t say however, that it was a bad movie so I will give this one 3 stars out of 5.