last thursday, a large portion of the elec class met up at philthy’s after the 443 exam for one last celebration before everyone (else) goes on their grad trips (pictures).

on saturday i accompanied pauline to her graduation dinner and dance. it wasn’t as formal as my grad ball but i was surprised that a lot of people had iron rings there too.

on tuesday i met with peter and rachel for lunch to catch up and other random things. it was almost like a high school reunion as we also ended up running into craig and david shyu. also picked up daft punk’s latest disc.

i’ve been waiting for school to end to catch up on some movies i have to watch, so far i’ve seen closer (jude law, julia roberts, natalie portman, clive owen) which was a decent movie but not anything special. i also saw garden state which i had heard to be good. i didn’t find it that great and in fact thought it rambled around too much. after i watched the deleted scenes however, the movie made a lot more sense.

so my to do list stands at: file taxes, pack, find a place to live in the summer!!, watch sin city & hitchiker’s guide and ..??