after a hiatus since the beginning of the new year, enterprise started playing showing new episodes last week. edmond said that last week’s episode was one of those touchy-feely character development episodes so i skipped it but i somehow managed to catch this week’s episode even though i missed it on city (woo hoo thank you digital+timeshifting).

this week’s episode was great (who knew ensign sato could be so slutty — watch out t’pol). it was entirely based in a mirror universe with a mirror enterprise crew and even includes a throw back mention to the original series (although i’m too young to know anymore than to recognize it). i’m surprised that in all its years the star trek franchise hasn’t done something like this; there was that one episode on the next generationwhere there were a million ncc-1701d’s (including the one in the universe where locutus stays borg and only riker+worf are alive on enterprise) but nothing drawn out to this extent. they even changed the opening credits!

it was so good that i watched it twice in one night on the same channel within three hours; although i blame the tv network for that.