after seeing that the last few episodes of season 3 were promising (ie there was a war), i continued to watch enterprise’s fourth season. i was fairly disappointed that the writers decided to resolve the nazi/alien season ending cliffhanger in just two episodes, which also conveniently rebooted the timeline. the third episode was even worse, it was like a soap opera that involved finding archer a gf and the bizarre love triangle between tucker, t’pol and some vulcan. i entertained thoughts of sending hatemail to the writers for teasing me with potential.

i was happily impressed by the fourth episode. it introduced the eugenics storyline and brought back data (well brent spinner) as a recurring character. i can just imagine all the fan boys going omg and wetting their pants over this double whammy. i think this is the key to success for enterprise, since they can’t go all tech crazy they should focus on stories that intertwine with key points in the history of the star trek universe. that way you capture the fanboy crowd, and you have t’pol and marines to capture the casual watcher.

side note: while i was surfing around, i came across this episode synopsis that seems to be like memento. i think this is 3×08 for all you download fanatics.

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