this is like a mix of two worlds, a employee in toronto of the seattle-based
starbucks was fired for blogging about how crappy his job was. this is hot on the tails of friendster firing one of their employees for blogging. i remember the first high profile case where a microsoft employee was fired because he blogged and took pictures of a large g5 delivery to the microsoft campus. basically, it’s a fine line if you choose to blog about work; so should i blog about work? hrmm…

i wish textbooks had shown up on bit torrent when I was still in school. it would have saved me a lot of money and hassle!

what would the kid of various simpsons pairings look like? kinda like those date morph booths they have at playdium.

the story of the man on who spielberg’s the terminal was based on. remember, hollywood movies are fairy tales.

also, now that we know (read:rumors) that ken jennings is going to lose;
do you think they will release a jeopardy dvd with all 75 episodes of
his run? i mean, it’s just another form of reality tv, so if the simple life is on dvd then this should make it too right? cuz i haven’t caught any of them yet.