wow, five days without a blog. well i’ve been busy — at not being busy that is. see it’s usually the case that when i have lots of stuff to do that i find time to procrastinate and blog, but now that i’m at home with a lot of spare time, i find lots of time to do other stuff than blog.

so what have i being up to? well to tell you the truth, not a whole lot. i’ve been on a movie binge lately, i’ve watched a lot of movies on tv and caught up on some that i’ve wanted to watch for awhile. one of them was jet li’s hero whose north american release is on august 27. it is quite possibly the most polished chinese movie i have ever seen, however i’ve heard that the north american release has been stuck on the editing room floor for over a year, so i have doubts whether it will be as good in the theatres after being mangled to american standards.

i bought the killers’ album hot fuss and have been listening to them for awhile. they have the same problems as jet’s get born, the first half of the album is killer but the second half is forgettable. i’ve also been digging ted leo and the pharmacists’ new album shake the sheets. i hadn’t heard of ted leo and the pharmacists until hearing them through mp3tennis, but he’s a good songwriter with a lot of catchy songs. anyways, i’m not sure where to get their cd because they’re classified as indie. hrmm, who wants to make a run to soundscapes? anyways, i will have to stagnate my cd buying because i only have room for one more cd. so it’s a toss up between shake the sheets or the smiths’ the singles that i’ve had my eye on recently.

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