there’s this ad on tv that i like, it shows a kid being blown out of the house thru 3 or 4 walls before he lands on the lawn. the camera proceeds to backtrack his path through the holes in the walls, past a few rooms, past his mom in the kitchen (who’s dressed up for some reason), you’re starting to wonder what this commercial is about since the preceeding takes about 15 seconds; is it another one of those pizza pop or other explosive food product commericials? you go into the study and it turns out that it’s advertising the most powerful (home?) computer in the world, the apple g5. i think this is one commercial that would stick in your mind after seeing it because you have that big lapse of time between catching your attention and actually showing you the product. cool. actually i’m surprised that apple gets away with doing so many things away from the norm like this (or maybe that apple is the only one). they must have some progressive management to allow them to continually innovate like that. i was watching jumanji the other day on tv and the actress who played the 10yr oldish girl had a striking resemblence to kirsten dunst. turns out it was actually her; she was only 14 at the time (1995), in fact she’s younger than i am. wow. she’s come a long way since then to her infamous wet t-shirt shot in spiderman.