tomb raider: the cradle of life is opening on friday; that’s the must-see movie of the summer for me. i was more or less forced to see all the other so called must see movies this summer; i had to see matrix because everyone would be talking about it, and i wouldn’t be able to see the third one without seeing the second, i had to see the hulk cuz i’m a comic fan, and i had to see t3 because t2 was so great when i was a teen. but tomb raider 2 i want to see out of my free will. i get the feeling i’m going to be severely disappointed because i’ve been hyping it for myself too much. from the trailer it doesn’t look half bad; the first was like a hot dog bun with a 3 action-scene sausage, but the second one seems more like a twinkie; the action’s more consistent & filling. i hope it doesn’t suck.