gradually over the last year or so i’ve found myself not enjoying music as much as i had before. before i would listen to my discman whenever i took the bus — that’s almost 2 hours a day. but now i’ll be lucky to use it for 2 hours a week. my collection has become stagnant as i haven’t paid attention to what the new songs are nor have i spent copious amounts of time online trying to find mp3s. however, the last couple of weeks have seen a revival of (some of) my old music habits. my discman’s been getting good use but i seemed to have picked up that nasty habit of being legit; i’ve been looking for and buying cds so i can rip them to mp3s instead of downloading them. it’s not as much as being legal as me getting tired of getting average (not bad, but not all that great) rips online. when i rip the stuff myself i have more assurance that if i want to play it loud, it won’t sound like crap. i guess the riaa propaganda that people are tired of finding mediocre rips is actually true. but that’s not the real reason for becoming legit, it’s more because of the time/money tradeoff. i can’t be bothered to spend 10 minutes to look for an mp3 regardless of its quality, let alone an hour if i want the entire cd. i have enough disposible income that it’s easier for me to just buy the damn cd (sidenote: of worrying concern is the copy protection they put on cds now so i can’t rip them if i buy them. i’ll have to turn underground again). when sams was going out of business, i bought a ton of cds because they were being sold 3 for $10. if the industry was more daring, they could get more people to buy their music by selling it cheaper. as a teen, i had much more time to waste than i had money and would’ve happily for-go’d a meal to buy an actual cd, but not say…5 mcflurries. same thing now, just sell cds for $5 and i’ll happily buy…$100 worth. it would help me stop collecting dvds, why won’t they listen?