Big Hunter is a game where you have to throw spears at a big animals within constraints (resources or time). I downloaded this because I liked the simplicity of the art. The game doesn’t do a lot so the art fits in. Basically this is a skill game where you have to angle your spear and time your release, while making sure you stay out of range of the rampaging animal. It has various IAP components but you’ll probably only play this as a little time waster.

I don’t know what this game (うさぎと牛乳瓶) is or why I downloaded it anymore. The premise is that you have to pull rabbits out of milk bottles within a certain amount of time. There are also other characters that show up, which I think extend your time or give you more points. To be honest, I don’t understand how to play this either because it’s in Japanese. It’s not as good as the first game above if you’re just looking for some time killers.