I ran out of movies I wanted to watch, but not out of time on my flight, so Lost in Hong Kong was the movie I decided to fill in some time. It’s actually a terrible movie in which I’m not sure whether it’s trying too hard to be funny or it’s a very poor satire. Regardless of which, it is not funny. Given that there are a lot of ridiculous scenarios and potty humor, it’s terrible when the writing don’t warrant a laugh.

While it was horrible, it wasn’t horrible enough for me to just outright turn it off – although I thought about doing it on occasion. There was a tease of possible redemption because one theme in the movie was a character taking a video of what is occurring. I thought those videos might get re-cut into a neat character redemption movie.

I was going to rate this movie a one out of five stars, but I think I’m going to upgrade it to 1.5 stars. The catharsis by the protagonist near the end of the movie saves it, but it doesn’t save it enough to make it two out of five stars (that would be a dis-service to other quite watchable two star movies).