Kel’Thuzad is the last boss in Naxxramas and he’s quite difficult. He doesn’t have a gimmick, although his deck is not really optimized (mostly contains minions from this adventure). However his hero power is strong (3 damage to your hero, every turn) and on turn 10 (or when his armor is gone) he gets 2 free 5/5 Taunt minions and a new hero power to steal any one of your minions.

The 3-damage-per-turn hero power really takes your HP down, so I had to use a Priest deck. I ended up using a Inner Fire/Dragon Priest. Here’s my deck:

  • Inner Fire x 2
  • Light of the Naaru
  • Power Word: Glory x 2
  • Power Word: Shield x 2
  • Divine Spirit x 2
  • Mind Blast
  • Shadow Word: Pain x 2
  • Sunfury Protector
  • Unstable Ghoul
  • Wyrmrest Agent
  • Shadow Word: Death x 2
  • Velen’s Chosen x 2
  • Eydis Darkbane
  • Dragonkin Sorcerer x 2
  • Holy Champion
  • Tournament Medic
  • Holy Nova x 2
  • Sludge Belcher
  • Holy Fire x 2
  • Majordomo Executus

I can handle the first phase of KT by buffing my minions but didn’t have a balanced board to handle the second phase (i.e., only having one minion with a humongous attack). After awhile, I decided to switch my strategy and force KT to become Ragnaros. I would cast Majordomo Executus on turn 9 (I was able to get him by turn 9 most of the time), kill my other minions, and then figure out what to do after that. In my winning game, I used Power Word: Glory, Tournament Medic and my hero power to keep me at full health until KT stole Majordomo Executus. I used Shadow Word: Death to transform KT into Ragnaros, and then Holy Fire over two turns to win. I had just enough health (and another Power Word: Glory) to take the damage from his board.

So that’s it – all the Naxxramas heroic heroes are done! The only tough one (many replays) was Razuvious now that I have access to more sets. This effort also generated a ton of blog posts, in fact, my blog ended up being a Hearthstone blog for 3 months!