To help me with my painful process of enabling/disabling SIM cards to switch 4G networks, I built a small Android app to do the work for me. Simmering (couldn’t think of a better name) just does one simple thing, it takes the inactive SIM card and enables it, then it takes the original active SIM card and disables it. I also added a little enhancement so that after a period of time, it will perform the reverse operation. That’s a convenience for me so that I can give my phone a brief period where it can sync and retrieve anything it needs from the cloud, before returning back to my (probably not connecting) WIND network.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action:

The app has a really narrow target audience, but I figured if I spent the time on it, then I might as well put Simmering on Google Play. It’s probably one of those apps that I will never update again.