Scarborough received some English-world press this month when food blogger Tyler Cowan (more well known in his alter ego as an Economist or as blogger on Marginal REVOLUTION) visited it and raved about the quality and diversity of its multicultural food.

You always hear that NYC is a melting pot of different cultures but I think Canadians know that Toronto is very similar even if it’s not that well known in the world. I went to the mall I grew up in in Scarborough this weekend and walked around for an hour or two. In that time, I saw a couple of mixed couples (one caucasian) and only group (pair) of caucasian people. The remaining visitors to the quite busy mall were Asian, Indian, African and other races. I’m sure that the demographic is a different downtown and maybe other neighborhoods in Toronto, but at least in Northeast Scarborough, you can tell where the renown of its food diversity is coming from.