When I bought my Nexus 5, I broke my pattern of going a year and a half between phones. I’ve been pretty happy with my N5, and I haven’t dropped it or anything like that so there wasn’t a reason to buy another new phone (also the Nexus 6 wasn’t very appealing). But all good things must come to an end, even if it’s not 18 months yet – I started having a problem with my N5. It seems that it is pregnant just like my laptop was last year.

I didn’t notice this initially, but rather noticed that my battery life started becoming horrible. This coincided with the Lollipop update, and there have been lots of complaints about Lollipop’s battery usage so originally I thought I had that problem. Then I started getting random shutdowns – sometimes when my phone still had ~50% battery, and almost every time I did high current activities like taking pictures/videos. After doing some more reading, I noticed the bulging battery issue and am pretty sure that is what’s causing my problem.

It’s gotten progressively worse – I think I’m only getting a couple of hours on standby now. If I try and browse on my phone, it’ll randomly shut off after a few pages. I ordered a new battery and hopefully I can replace it; but if not, it’s time for a new phone!