When I browsed through the movie list on the YYZ< ->SFO flight in December, the only other movie that caught my eye was one called In Bruges, which was about two hitman who were hanging out in Bruges after a hit. I’m not sure why I was attracted to it. Maybe I just wanted to see the city again after visiting there in 2010, or maybe I was curious what 2 hitman would do for a entire movie when they were stuck in Bruges.

The movie started slow and I feared that I would regret my choice (although they had me as a captive audience). As the film moved along, it got more interesting, but I don’t think I was ever fully engrossed in the movie. The plot is fairly surprising and put together well (in the Star Trek: TNG way where a side mention earlier in the plot makes more sense closer to the end). The humor is dark but enjoyable. I was going to rate the movie a 2 out of 5 but it actually grows a bit on you after you’ve watched it so I’ll give it a just barely 3 out of 5 stars.