To get to the airport for my flight, I tried using uberX for the first time. Usually I don’t get a chance to use it because when I’m in Toronto I have a car to drive around, and when I’m in NYC I prefer to walk.

But I’ve taken Uber a couple of times so it’s not entirely a new experience. What struck me as new about this one was that it was a youngish (20s?), immigrant (I can tell by the English facility) driver with a new car. The plate started with BW so it must be new (I have only seen BV cars up until now).

For someone who is unskilled or not able to get a job in the workplace, this seems like a good foothold to make some money (although I don’t know how much money they actually make after Uber’s cut). You can start a corporation, expense your car lease, gas and smartphone expenses, make money AND get a new car to drive you or your family around when needed.

I’m not sure how long their work days are though – the trip from home to the airport only cost me $29 and that’s with the driver stopping for a few minutes to get gas!