I went down to Silicon Valley for a couple of days this week for work. This is my first time here actually (I went down to SF for a couple of days in July 2005 but didn’t spend time in the valley) so it’s been a learning experience.

What I learned is that it is basically like Seattle (but with better weather). Most of the areas that I’ve been driving around are filled with one-storey industrial buildings that house famous tech companies. There are a lot of streets, a lot of traffic lights, and a lot of cars. We drove from Sunnyvale to Mountain View for dinner the first night and it was more of the same. After dinner (at 8pm) it was back to the hotel which was a long term stay place that was reminiscent of my Archstone residences in Redmond.

Since I am still on EDT schedule (so 4 hours ahead), I’ve been waking up early. That’s unfortunate because there’s nowhere to go! There’s no where to walk and even though I have a car, there’s no where that I would want to drive too!

I can see why people would want to live in San Francisco and suffer the commute to the Valley.