On my recent trip to NYC, I saw Mamma Mia on Saturday night so I had another opportunity on Sunday night to see another theatre show. I had a couple of options but chose This Is Our Youth. I chose this one because it was on a limited engagement so I might not get another chance to see it again. Also, this rendition casted Michael Cera (of Juno, Scott Pilgrim fame) in one of the roles (Kieran Culkin – Scott Pilgram’s gay roommate is also in the play).

The plot is supposed to be about 3 wayward tweeners in 1982, which seemed mildly interesting to me. In the end, I think I would have probably enjoyed seeing something else more. It is a play (rather than a musical) and the amount of dialog that each character had is impressive (there’s only 3 people in the play). I had to sit a little too far away to really make out the characters’ expressions (which, when contrasted with my seat for Mamma Mia was a big difference). And although I understood the plot and the character portrayal; I was confused as to what the play was trying to convey to me. I did not understand the implication of the ending at all.