The Stanley Cup finals are set for this season and it will be the New York Rangers vs the LA Kings

I correctly predicted that the Rangers would in over the Canadiens as they have a superior team (“on paper”). Actually, after further consideration, Glen Sather should receive a lot of credit for the team he’s put together. When he first started managing the Rangers, they spent a lot of money on big name free agents but they seemed to be doing it poorly (Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Wade Redden). The last few years, they’re still spending a lot of money (signing Brad Richards, Gaborik before trading him) but they actually have a lot of home grown talent (Stepan, Haglin, Kreider, Giradi + Dubinsky & co who were traded for Nash). They made some smart trades (getting Nash, getting McDonagh for Gomez a few years back, getting St Louis for Callahan) and have some solid free agent signings (Boyle). Having a world class goalie in Lundqvist certainly helps, but the team in front of him is pretty good too!

That being said, I’m not convinced that their team will be better than the Kings. Both of the Western Conference finalists have well put together teams, that work collectively. They might have had a harder time getting to the final, but I think the Kings will win it.

So far this year, my record is 11+2 = 13/14, hopefully I can make it one more!