I spent most of spare time this month alternating between 2 things, collecting more cards on Hearthstone and working on A Healthier Commute. On the latter, I’ve already made a lot of progress on the algorithm behind recording commutes, but I had a ways to go on the UI. This month I built UI to:

  1. “Wizard” to select/change your car with animated transitions
  2. Overview of what A Healthier Commute is about when you first start the app
  3. Playback of commutes that have been recorded
  4. Tutorial around the playback of commutes

The actual amount of UI is not that much, but the animations and related work took a bunch of time. Hopefully I can release a v2 release something next month.

In news, the plane from last month is still missing! There has still been no verified wreckage and it looks like it’ll be a mystery for some time longer (years perhaps). Winter came back for a week in April, but now we’re well into April Showers season. Apollo is starting to have a grasp of language. He’s able to imitate a lot of words and has started communicating (although only negatives).

That’s it for April! Not a lot happened and I was pretty busy