The NHL Trade deadline came and past and it was rather uneventful (to me). That’s because I haven’t really been following the league this season. In fact I got a bit confused because I thought the deadline was March 4th. Then when I looked at the NHL headlines at the end of the day, I was confused why they were still talking about who might get traded. Turns out the deadline was March 5th. Oops.

In fact, I think this year’s trade deadline was one of the most exciting in awhile. A lot of high profile players got moved. You had 2 who wanted out (St Louis, Callahan), 2 odd ducks who didn’t really find a home this season (Vanek, Moulson), a guy who was supposed to get traded every trade deadline (Hemsky), and star goaltenders (Miller, Luongo, Thomas, Halak) all get traded. Nothing involved the Leafs (good!) so there was less talk than usual. But a lot of quality moving around.

I think the winners are the Capitals. They solidified their goaltending with Halak and got a good player in Penner. I was confused at what the Ducks (leading the NHL) were doing in trading Penner and Fasth away. But I wonder if any of these moves will make a difference as the favorites in the league (Pittsburgh, Boston, anyone from the West) are still strong.