We watched a lot more TV this month, because the Olympics were on. I’m actually not that interested in the events but the TV was on just because. I wonder how many viewers are like that? I did watch the hockey games though and most of them were pretty exciting (especially when you have dominant performances by a dominant Canadian team). The CBC online streaming for the Olympics were very good. I’m not sure if the feeds were provided by an offshoot of the IOC or prepared by CBC themselves, but exciting points were highlighted (if you were not watching live) and it was easy to jump to exciting parts (such as goals).

Weather still sucked. There were some warmer days and overall it didn’t feel as cold (which is great because I associate February with the coldest month of winter); but perhaps I’m just relegated to the fact that this winter is not a mild one.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the CODE hackathon this month and so didn’t make a lot of progress on my other hobby Android projects. I’m not sure which hobby project I’ll be spending more time on in the future though. I’m still interested in working on my Monopoly Deal clone, but there’s a lot of work that has to be put in before I can even do an alpha release and I’m not sure I have the patience for that.

This month Apollo started talking more. At least he is able to verbally imitate some sounds (although the success varies). He has some confidence issues though because he imitates softly, but as he gets better at a particular sound he will be more vocal about saying it. Good progress though!