I know I usually end up blogging about the weather in these recaps, and it’s sometimes because there’s not much else to blog about. But this month’s weather truly was a pain. In fact, this entire winter (i.e., December and January) has been pretty trying. We didn’t get a lot of snow fall in January, but it was just cold everyday. -20°C or 0°CF cold every day. That’s just annoying. Most of North America has been cold too, it hasn’t just been an issue with Toronto. They had ice as far south as Atlanta and Florida and as you can expect it caused quite a bit of problems there.

I finished playing Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. I wanted the game to last awhile, but eventually the story got interesting and I finished half the game in a couple of days. I looked around for awhile for a Diablo-like game but didn’t find anything that interesting. I might end up buying Torchlight at some point from Steam instead.

This month Apollo had a big cognitive change and is now able to recognize many more words and concepts. He’s even able to talk! Well, in his own language at least. It’s not baby babble anymore, it’s actually his own language. He chains a whole bunch of weird sounds together (that don’t exist in English, Cantonese, Mandarin or Korean) into a phrase. No one understands what he’s saying but he doesn’t seem to mind.

After skipping a few months, I made it down to the NY office at the end of the month. I had a couple of evenings off to myself so I made good use of it and caught some theatre shows. I also exhausted the places I can go eat by myself in NYC (#firstworldproblems) and missed the Super Bowl festivities that would be happening a few days after I left.