I came across another incredible shopping deal that I took advantage of – because there was actually something I wanted to buy! I saw a Kobo Aura at the airport one time and was attracted to it because it was smaller than my existing Kobo and the screen was flush (not indented like other Kobo and Kindle models). Also it had a backlight which is useful, but not necessary. I was waiting for a deal on it, perhaps on Boxing Day because it was a little expensive at $149.99 ($169.49 after tax).

I had also seen that Shop.ca was having a lot of (stackable) promos recently, and looked on their site for the Aura. They didn’t have it, but suddenly one day, they did. I ended up buying it there and stacked A LOT of promos into a single purchase. Here is how I made out.

$149.99 Original price
-$10.00 Applied a coupon (ebates)
+$18.20 Tax
+$0.00 Shipping (free)
-$25.00 Shop.ca new member rewards
-$25.00 Paypal/Shop.ca special offer
$108.19 Total

So I only ended up paying $108.19 for an item that would have cost me $169.49. Pretty good eh? That’s a 36% discount.

BUT WAIT, I also get some money back for various reasons as part of this purchase

$108.19 Current total
-$26.64 20% Ebates cash back on $133.19
-$10.00 Ebates cash back for first purchase
-$6.66 5% cash back Paypal promo
$64.89 New total
$57.42 Pre-tax total

After all the cash back (assuming I get everything back in my Paypal account), the Kobo Aura would have cost me $64.89, which is a discount of 71%! What an incredible deal!