I bought my Nexus 4 in December 2012, and as per my upgrade cycle plan, I was due to upgrade in April 2014. Well that didn’t happen because I just bought the Nexus 5 when it was announced at the end of last month.

In actuality, I bought 2 Nexus 4s, and have been having a lot of trouble with them (due to LG’s hardware design). I shattered the front screen of my first Nexus 4 (my fault) and had to get it replaced. The replacement took a longtime and I don’t think it was the same type of screen (Super AMOLED or whatever) as the colour reproduction seems a bit dark. In the meantime, I had bought another Nexus 4 and had started using that one, so there was no need to use my fixed one (since I would have to move my settings over and what not). My first N4 became a test device (and I installed Paranoid Android on it just to see what the hype was about).

I used my N4#2 for awhile but had a freak accident one day. This one was definitely not my fault. I plugged the phone into the USB cable for charging, and the back glass started cracking over a period of a few minutes. Eventually the entire back was cracked. Aside for some worrisome prickling, I guess I could’ve continued using the phone – except one of the cracks was over the camera lens glass which refracted the light in a funny manner if there was a point of light within the frame.

I lived with this for about four months, but at the same time was looking to see what I would buy next. I liked the MotoX but the off contract price was too expensive. The Nexus5 was reasonably priced (albeit not having any wow/cool factor) so I ended up with that. I actually missed the announcement window by 35 minutes but there were still white backed 32GBs randomly appearing in stock. I wanted a white-backed one, but didn’t really need more than 16GB. But having gone through the inventory scarcity the last time, I just picked that version up. It actually shipped very quickly (estimated Nov 8 but shipped on Nov 2)!