This month, I didn’t have Canada Day long weekend because I was working on a US schedule. Instead, I had a four-day Independence Day long weekend, which I suppose is better, and we spent two of those days in Pennsylvania on a road trip. It was a good break because at that time, Toronto was going through a heat wave and our AC was “broken”. Also, at the same time, we didn’t have hot water. You would think those two things would cancel themselves out, but it didn’t. We ended up fixing both ourselves – the AC was “broken” because the Direct Energy guy that came in turned off our furnace to test things but never turned it back on (plus, he didn’t fix the hot water either – I don’t know why I pay these guys $37 a month).

After a week reprieve, we were again without hot water or AC because a flash thunderstorm dumped an ocean on top of Toronto and took out the power for the evening. Other parts of the city had it much worse, being without power for a couple of days or having to swim out of a GO Train that was stuck in the Don Valley. The DVP completely flooded for the second time this year! Not sure whether this happened because the floods followed us from Calgary.

I went to NYC for two days this month, and they were some of the hottest days in the summer. The forecast for my first day there was 40°C! I had never been anywhere that hot before – and I had a BBQ to attend. Luckily, I didn’t end up being barbequed, nor did it reach 40°C. I think it maxed out at 38°C.

This month, we bought a lot of stuff. We planned our upcoming vacation and I bought a bunch of stuff in conventional stores and DealExtreme to plan for it. I bought a new computer and various other hardware. But all-in-all, July, the first month of summer, seemed to pass by relatively quick even though we didn’t spend a lot of time outdoors to do summer related activities.