This year, I had the July 4th long weekend as a holiday instead of Canada Day, so we decided to go somewhere where Canadians wouldn’t be – cross border shopping. We went on the Thursday and Friday (when Canadians would be working) and if that wasn’t enough disincentive, the USD dollar was at a two-year high compared to Canadian (up to almost $1.06). This was also our third year in a row making the trip down there (2010, 2011, also in 2007).

We only stayed one night (in Erie), but because the exemptions had been increased in the past year (up to $200 for an overnight trip) and we had 3 people, we had plenty of room to shop. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a phone charger with us so we were only able to charge our phones with a car charger while we were driving. That made for some interesting battery stats! I kept my phone in airplane mode while I was sleeping (who was going to call my US number anyways). Here’s what my phone tracked:

You can really tell when my phone is in airplane mode, it hardly lost any battery – only 2% overnight. The real battery drain is when the phone is connected to the network, either just being on the network or all the background sync that is happening.