Well the Leafs ended up playing 3 more games than I thought they would, but eventually they ended up losing to Boston. They even lost in a very ’10s Maple Leafs way – they looked very solid and competitive, with a 4-1 lead going into the last few minutes of the third; only to implode and end up giving up 4 straight goals to lose. It was the same as last season, but instead of taking a month to do it, they did it in five minutes.

From my round 1 predictions, I correctly predicted that series as well as 2 other wins in the East. I correctly picked the NYR to upset Washington but didn’t pick Ottawa to upset Montreal. In the West, I correctly picked Chicago and the LA upset, but missed the SJ and Detroit upsets. That leaves my overall record at 5/8.

In the next round, I think Pittsburgh will beat Ottawa while NYR will beat Boston. In the West, I’m picking Chicago over Detroit and LA over San Jose.