If you’ve been following my site, it seems that I’ve been blogging less and less. It’s true that I have. At one point, I suppose I tried to blog every day. I’m not sure if I ever achieved and maintained that goal for a long period of time. But certainly, I’ve tried to blog every second day. I did that for awhile, but now it seems lucky if I achieve that frequency.

In reality, it’s actually worse – I have “moments of inspiration” where I decide to type out several blogs, which I then space out over a period of time. So while it seems like I might blog every 3 or 4 days now, I actually only blog once every 7-10 days! I think there are several reasons for that, many of them obvious:

  • Busier schedules with work and being a dad
  • Less desire to post about my personal life on the web
  • Fewer people blogging (and reading) in general, so it’s not as fun
  • General lessening of interest in blogging

I think the most influential one is the latter. Similar to my interest/hobby in music, I don’t think I’m as interested in blogging as I used to be; and while I’m not going to give it up, I think it’s on a long & slow descent to ambivalence.