I’ve flown Porter Airlines a few times now, from Toronto Island airport to nearby destinations. In theory, it sounds like a great alternative to Air Canada and Pearson International Airport, but in practice there are always tradeoffs:

  • You get real glass for your on board drink, and you can also get complimentary beer or wine!
  • There’s free drinks and snacks at the Porter lounge, even in airports other than YTZ
  • The check-in and security is fast at YTZ
  • The check-in system is online so you don’t have to carry around a paper boarding pass (although you do need a mobile device)
  • The points program is very easy to understand

But, here’s what’s not so great:

  • The planes are small and all propeller planes, so the flight is noisy no matter where you sit
  • No personal on-board entertainment system – not a big deal for the short flights though
  • It sounds convenient to be able to get to YTZ by transit, but you actually end up waiting a lot. Waiting for TTC, then waiting for the free shuttle, then waiting for the ferry to cross to YTZ. It sucks if you’re pressed for time

By the way, YTZ also has Air Canada flights, but for whatever reason they only fly to Montreal! AC might as well not fly out of YTZ.