Now that I have multiple computers that I actively work on, I actually have a problem with keeping them in sync. All my files used to be on my desktop and I had a specific way of organizing them across several drives; but my laptop doesn’t have nearly as much hard drive space (and I even sprang for the upgrade 256GB version). I’m not sure what files I should keep on my laptop, what files to keep on both, and what files to keep only on my desktop – I guess all my media (photos, music, books) would end up being on my desktop only; and everything else would be in both locations.

Another problem I have is that I’m using Firefox as my primary browser on my desktop but decided that I would switch to Chrome as my personal browser on my laptop (I’m using Firefox for work-specific logins). This means I have bookmarks and saved passwords across two different browsers that I can’t synchronize. Seems like the easy way is to switch to Chrome on my desktop, but I guess I have a legacy preference.

I also need to buy a new desktop (no more upgrading) eventually so I figure I should think about this and try and solve my issues so that the coexistence with my next machine will be easier.