This July continued the warmest summer I can remember for a long time (but AC lifestyle is still in effect). We started the month by going on a road trip to Pittsburgh with some friends. The original plan was to go to Grove City for shopping (although we just went last Easter) but we ended up spending more time in Pittsburgh (which I had went to in 2007. We visited a lot of the same places as my first trip, but it was fun to go with friends.

After we came back, I felt like I spent most of the month looking at, choosing, and listening to music. I started buying MP3s from Amazon and continuously scour their site due to free credits and sales. I’ve also taken advantage of my Korean course and started listening to KPop. I’m both surprised and disappointed at the quality of KPop, but there’s still a lot of artists and songs to go through.

I’ve also slowly started a project at putting my photos on Picasa. Maggie pointed out to me that you actually get unlimited storage if you upload photos less than 2048px, which means I can use Picasa to solve my problem. The drawback though is 1) I have an incredible amount of photos to go through, 2) Google will automatically notify anyone (via email) if you tag them in a photo. Well these are growing pains hopefully.

Finally, I stopped working on Monopoly Deal and started working on Condado again. I decided to go back to it because I’ve been getting a couple of emails about it, and there have been a couple of bugs that cropped up. Hopefully I will also spend some more time next month and update the UI so that it works better on tablets.