I stopped reading comics about a year ago because it was too much of a hassle to follow the release cycle (and I didn’t want to subscribe to a service to deliver them). So I didn’t know that the Justice League animated series had released any more features until recently when I came across Justice League Doom.

Justice League Doom centers around the contingency plan Batman has for each Justice League member in case they go rogue. Unfortunately this plan was stolen by Vandal Savage and then enacted against the JLA in order to prevent them from thwarting Savage’s larger plan.

Much like the Avengers, I felt the film went a bit scatter brain in having to give each JLA member a this-is-me scene, and then another scene where they had been neutralized. This made the story choppy. I also felt that the movie wasn’t as interesting as the previous episodes that I had seen; the jokes weren’t as funny (or adult) and it was just a lot of fighting. Unfortunately, I’d give Justice League Doom a 2 out of 5 stars.